Adopt a child (or two) for Christmas

Adopt-A-Child is a non-profit organization serving families in need during the Christmas season.  This year there are more than 900 children in the Golden Triangle area that may not have Christmas presents to open if it weren't for the generous donations of our community.

Each year Adopt-A-Child seeks out these families in need through the local elementary and middle school guidance counselors.  These counselors participate in recommending families that are in need because of illness, unemployment or other hardships.. Parents or guardians submit a list to Adopt-A-Child and include the items that the child would need or appreciate.

Our service area is Central Lake County Florida.  As much as we would like to be able to help all families that contact us, it is not always possible.  If you are outside of our service area, you should contact a church in their area to see if they could help them with their children's Christmas.