Six reasons to be an Angel this Christmas

Adopt a child (or two) for Christmas

Can you remember the simple joy of making a snow angel?
That's what this program is all about...the simple joys that everyone can feel at Christmas...especially the greatest joy - Giving.

Can you imagine a Norman Rockwell painting featuring an empty Christmas stocking?
Probably not...but if Norman had to work in the homes where 21% of Lake County children live, that's exactly what the picture would look like.

So little much return.
There is no minimum, no suggested contributions, and no specific skills. The program asks only that you are willing to give your time, your money, or a gift or gifts in whatever amount you find comfortable.

We need help from individuals and/or organizations to meet the growing needs in East Lake County. Monetary contributions are used to purchase gifts for the angels that do not get selected from our trees so that no child in this program gores without Christmas gifts.

There is no such thing as the "wrong" contribution - we all give in different ways.

Adopt-a-Child for Christmas has been supported by individual gift purchasers; by people who contribute their time to make the program work; and with skills - like turning abandoned bicycles into wonderful gifts.

Would you like to become part of a legacy?
For over 24 years, Adopt-a-Child or Two for Christmas has been providing gifts for the neediest children in East Lake County with only volunteer efforts and contributions. In 1986 a Mount Dora postal worker, James Gray, saw a family that needed help and decided to do something about it. Jim was taken from us as the result of an accident...but his vision has continued to grow. Last year over 800 children received gifts from the program.

And the need and response has grown at about 100 children per year.

Does it make a difference?
"Without Adopt a Child we wouldn't have had a Christmas. When others weren't there to help us, you were and you were very generous."
- M.S.

"...No job! No money! At Christmas time the Angel came and met our needs. I prayed and thanked the Lord for filling our needs......"
- The C Family